Monday, October 11, 2010

Thank the Lawyer: Now He Qualifies for Involuntary Treatment

Paranoid schizophrenics murder about 2000 people a year. This is thanks to the Supreme Court decision of 1976, taking over the practice of psychiatry.

NY cops: Man who stabbed boy wanted to kill a kid
AP – Mon Oct 11, 3:26 pm ET

WESTBURY, N.Y. – Police say a man accused of repeatedly stabbing an 8-year-old boy at a New York restaurant had been hunting for a child to kill for weeks.

Says Nassau County Police Sgt. Vincent Garcia: "His intent was to kill a child."

Evan Sachs of Merrick is due back in court Wednesday to face attempted murder charges.

Police say Sachs crept up behind a child playing a video game Friday at a Dave and Buster's restaurant on Long Island and plunged the 4-inch blade of a hunting knife into his back five times. The victim is expected to survive.

Sachs' attorney, Charles Rosenblum, told reporters his client has been under psychiatric care and recently had medications changed. The lawyer did not return a call on Monday.

Sachs was being held without bail.


Anonymous said...

I am curious where your citation of 2000 paranoid schizophrenics comes from. thanks

Supremacy Claus said...

From the Wikipedia reference section:

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There are about 17,000 murders in the US, so 10% is about 2000. There used to be more murders. The unofficial murder number may be far higher. There are 100,000 unresolved missing person reports a year. The number may be 70,000 not 17,000.