Friday, December 7, 2007

Criminal Lover Lawyer Judge Who Released Hawkins Must Resign or Get Impeached

Here, here, here , here. Some history here. This mass murdering suicider broke up with girlfriend, and lost a job, recently. Thank a lawyer for having this unstable, repeat offender, criminal, mass murderer on the loose. These needless, tragic deaths are the fruit of Supreme Court takeover of psychiatric decisions for the sole aim of lawyer job generation and rent seeking. The lawyer has no competence to make psychiatric treatment decisions. The Supreme Court requires a trial to get someone in treatment involuntarily. The patient must commit a dangerous act to qualify. Now, Hawkins qualifies for involuntary treatment.

A pro-criminal judge set this drug user, mass murdering suicider loose to kill. This judge should immediately resign, or be impeached. It is not expected that a judge will predict the future behavior of a disturbed person. It is that the judge has no competence to make psychiatric decisions about the management of present mental disorder. What is the name of the judge who set this mass murderer suicider loose on the public?

Naturally, this judge who caused this mass murder, has criminal lover, self-dealt, legal immunity. I bet 10 cents, the mall and store will get sued for premises security liability. The innocent victim of this mass murder has to pay ruinous settlements, the guilty party, the criminal lover lawyer gets off free.

I strongly urge cross claims by any defendant against each of the parties that set this violent criminal drug user loose to do what he did. I strongly urge a claim against the most responsible party, that criminal lover judge. His immunity is unconscionable, and violates the defendant's procedural due process rights. On policy grounds, piercing this horrible immunity would deter other criminal lover lawyers from endangering the public by setting loose their good pals, the violent criminals.