Sunday, May 4, 2008

America Falling Behind

Part of the explanation of prior American pre-eminence was self-defeating socialism of other nations. So their cultures and governances suppressed public striving and productivity. With less self-imposed hindrances, the US surged past others with the same intelligence and energy.

The domination of government and rule making by the lawyer profession explains all decellerations of American performance. It explains the anemic economic growth of 3% instead of 9%. It explains why our terrorist adversaries, their financiers, their intellectuals, and their leaders are not all dead. It explains the chaos, violence, and fearful atmosphere in many areas. It explains the destruction of the family, schools, churches, as competitors for moral authority to the lawyer run government.

When the public has had enough of falling behind in every area of performance, they will stop the lawyer domination of government for rent seeking purposes, destroying our nation.

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